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Skutočný dôvod, prečo sa PS3 tak nepredáva
pridal deathclaw 3.7. 2009 o 22:04

tak som na potulkách fórami gametrailers zase našiel unikát..tento krát však niečo úplne iné a veľmi inteligentné a pravdivé - snáď so všetkým čo tam je súhlasí to dosť dlhé čítanie, ale odporúčam obetovať tých pár minút každému, kto si pokladá túto otázku a vie po anglicky...



You can guys can defend its sales all you want, but considering the brand novelty of the playstation massively dominating the console market for two straight generations while raping the competition and garnering over 120 million gamers or even more in installbase, price should never be an excuse for the ps3's pathetic sales performance

Honestly with those odds in your favor, how do you go up against a console with faulty hardware, failed predecessor plus another console with dated hardware that targets a completely different market and still be stuck in third place?

I love how all the sony loyalists completely ignore the fact that brand credibility has a huge stake in product value and sales when they're arguing about how fast the ps3 is selling as compared to the 360, No shit sherlock, Playstation is a gaming phenomenom so popular and incorporated into gaming culture so it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out why the ps3 is still selling decently, it's like saying it's impressive to see how a Ferrari outruns a Honda

The real question is why isn't the ps3 completely dominating and raping its competition much like its predecessors had no trouble doing? It should've been a piece of cake destroying a faulty console and rivaling a gimmicky console targeted at casuals with dated hardware, Considering the unstoppable momentum they had built up from two consecutive victories in a row with more than a decade of market domination, it was only logical that the ps3 would be the best selling console of all time, it could've been and should've been if Sony played their cards right and the competition slept on them 

The success of the ps1 propelled the ps2 into its victory over the dreamcast, The ps2 had no trouble raping the dreamcast, killing its momentum whiles being more expensive and having a shittier launch lineup, Dreamcast had good hardware and great exclusives but the fact is everyone wanted a playstation even if it cost them more, So why isn't that the case today?

Price is not the real reason ps3 is failing to outsell the competition, Value is, With consumer products, price should never be an excuse, Highly priced 1080p lcds don't have a problem outselling no name brands that are only a fraction of the cost, Iphone didn't have a problem outselling all other phones when it came out overpriced and attached to a draconian contract, If you price your product high, you need to back it up with value, If your competitors offer a similar value for lower price, you can't blame your poor sales on your higher price, The blame lies on your inability to create value in your product in the eyes of the consumer to justify that price tag

The ultimate truth is consumers will go where they see value, No matter how you try and downplay the competition, blindly praise Sony and make up excuses for their faults, it won't change the fact that people are bypassing a well known and established brand that is playstation and going for other options, No one cared about xbox last gen but now it's the talk of the town with the nintendo wii making the biggest comeback in gaming history from the failed gamecube, Parents didn't have a problem shelling out $600 at christmas for reserve wiis or used ones on ebay, So I don't think the price tag is the issue

Imagine if all of sudden, Zunes and other mp3 players which were cheaper started outselling ipods, Wouldn't that be a travesty for Apple? Considering the brand recognition of ipods and how they're almost synonymous to mp3s, it'd take a lot of fucking up on Apple's part and a miracle on Microsoft and other manufacturers' side for that to happen, This is exactly what happened with Sony this generation, They got cocky fucked up and the competition brought their A game, Point blank period 

In theory, with the success and brand popularity, they had gained, they could literally wrap a turd up in a black box, name it playstation and it would still fly off shelves, So you can keep talking about how impressive it is that the ps3 is selling at its price point but when you consider all these logistics, it isn't that impressive anymore even with all the negative press it is getting, Don't forget that Playstation has gathered a reasonable amount of loyalists and satisfied users over decades who will buy Playstation consoles regardless of the circumstances

Another mistake alot of people make is that they assume everyone is a graphic whore like them, Out there in the real world, the majority don't give a shit about whether a ps3 exclusive looks 0.2% better than an xbox exclusive, All they care is inserting the game and playing, Heck, most of them can't even tell which game has better graphics or not, it all looks the same to them, That's why people didn't care about the xbox last gen, So you can argue about how ps3 has way way superior hardware (partially untrue, both consoles are equally capable) and hype the graphics of the exclusives all you want, but in the real world, no one gives a shit, So in the end, that's why you will always be disappointed with the sales of the next hyped exclusive which was destined to create that magical spark of sales that puts the ps3 on the map

The "wait and see" mentality isn't helping the ps3's cause, People act like there's this day of reckoning when a ps3 exclusive will fall from the skies and rain down judgement on the 360 and end the console war, Or that when the ps3 drops its price to $299, it's game over for Microsoft completely ignoring the fact that the Elite SKU costs just as much as the 40GB ps3 sku and yet is still selling out like crackers, Remember Microsoft is still ahead of the price cut game, Looking at the numbers, you can't realistically expect the ps3 to catch up to the 360 anytime soon, It would have to outsell the 360 by doubles and triples consistently every month for multiple years to close the 8 million gap, It's not like the 360 is going to magically stop selling and getting games or that its Premium and Elite SKUs will stay the same price forever, Even the Arcade could drop to $149 and cause massive damage

I'm sure most of you ps3 owners are having a blast and genuinely love your ps3 games and exclusives but that's your opinion and preference, PS3 is undoubtedly an amazing console with amazing features and quality exclusives, No matter how you feel about your stance that ps3 has way way better games will never change the fact that people seem to think otherwise, So it's not fact, some people prefer 360 games and exclusives, You can argue about how GT5, Uncharted, Killzone are superior and rape all 360 games but there are people out there who prefer Forza, Gears and Mass Effect, Ask yourself why would someone still continue to experience annoying RROD after getting two replacements instead of just switching to ps3? It simply shows that Microsoft is doing something right and you have to give them credit for that, So before you tell me that the 360 is selling just because it is cheaper, imagine if the ps3 failed just as much

I'd say games wise from an objective standpoint, both consoles are neck and neck, The majority perception also seem to believe they are equal value wise, that's why more people are picking up 360s because they can't justify the extra cost of the ps3, Maybe you may personally value in the arguably better looking exclusives, bluray drive, cell but others don't, With upcoming games like Convinction, Alan Wake, Forza pushing the 360, it's going to even be harder to distinguish the two consoles graphic wise from a consumer standpoint, Natal could also deal some serious damage looking at the media's positive reaction

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